Here We Go Again~

I create way too many blogs and then give up on them, I know. It might be the same case here, but hey. I was bored and so here we are. Let’s see how it gooooes~

So let’s see. What’s up. I’ve really just been sitting around my apartment today, being lazy. Moving and unpacking at night has exhausted me and I’m just so happy that it’s all getting resolved that it’s just like…yaaay, I’m going to rest this weekend. And I don’t think I have that much homework. Hopefully I’m not just kicking myself in he ass with how little I’m doing right now. I supposed we’ll see. I’ll do homework tomorrow, probably. Maybe. And finish moving. Meh.

I’m feeling really restless though…I need to do grocery shopping and I want new headphones. Or something…I dunno. I’ll figure it out. But I definitely need more microwaveable meals. And vegetables for stir fry. And bread. And a comb. So…yeah. A fair amount I suppose. I don’t know, not much is really going on today unfortunately.

Sorry that this is a boring post! ^^; I promise they’ll get better.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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