Who Knew Moving Could Be So Involved?

Porters did the heavy lifting

Okay okay, secretly I probably did know it. I was just really young last time I moved (like 5…), so I didn’t exactly do the heavy lifting.


This time, where I did practically all of the heavy lifting, except for a few of the heavier boxes and more awkward stuff (chairs and stuff). And Jesus, have I been getting a work-out the past few days. Oh my God. Why is everything so heavy. I hate the feeling of dripping with sweat. And that’s what I was doing, basically. For so many days. Ugh. I’m exhausted. My arms can barely move. I have a paper to write, a test to study for, and a whole fucking room to re-unpack again. I have no idea how it’s all going to fit. No idea at all. But it has to, some way or another. I’ll tackle that soon-ish. Dishes tonight or maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. I don’t know how much I can really handle. Ugh.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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