Ridiculous Studying is More Productive Than Drill-Sergeant Flash Cards.

Great study session tonight with a few friends from Art History for the test tomorrow. It was ridiculous and we definitely spent a lot of time acting stupid, laughing, and just not studying. But when we were studying, it was actually…oh my God, fun. Holy fuck. We made up pneumonic devices for each flash card to help us remember everything about them, including the dates.


Tassel House by Horte, 1900. Tassels. Tassels on tits. Tassels on tits on whores. Whores. Horte. Tassels and whores, Tassel House by Horte. 1900 because “00” looks like boobs. Boobs with tassels on whores, Horte. Basically.

In short, it was really awesome. And fun. And I feel like I got a lot closer to people, and we’re going to try to remain a study group for preparing for the final and helping each other out, etc. It’s really great.

Other really great examples:

“BRADY’S DEAD!” – Dead Soldier by Brady, 1860

“Kirchner, Kirchner, sitting on a bridge. What’s in the street? A fucking little kid! – Street of Dresden by Kirchner, 1910

“Klimt, Klimt, Klimt, Klimt…like the squares are Klimt off!” – Adele I by Klimt, 1900

“He’s Balle-in’.” – Dynamic of Walking a Dog by Balla, 1910

And much, much more…



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Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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