Write a review of the last movie you saw

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Write a review of the last movie you saw.

Hm. Well the last movie I saw was on Netflix…because I haven’t really been to the movies lately.

Anyway, the last movie that I watched was called The Grounded Truth, which was a documentary about Iraq and Vietnam War veterans. The Iraq veterans were the main focus, and they talked predominantly about their experiences in Iraq and how they measured up to their ideas about being soldiers (from pop culture, and recruiters). Even though it was biased towards anti-war sentiment, the movie was incredibly effective. Hearing real accounts, seeing real casualties and listening to real stories about PTSD and how the military handles it, was amazingly…well…grounding. Everyone had different experiences, but they all had similar things to say in summary about the beginning, middle, and end of their war experience. And the fact that there was no real target or purpose was reiterated from soldier to soldier.

I’m tired, so I can’t really write too much about it, but I encourage you to check the movie out. It’s really powerful and touching and real. I promise my next few posts will be better!

Oh, although, this weekend I might not post because I’ll be going home and busy as HELL. The only time I would really be able to post would be in the mornings, and the post-a-day doesn’t release until later. So we’ll see what happens. Wish me luck~


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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