Does technology help you write?


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Does technology help you write?.

Well this won’t be a long post either, poo. Sorry guys. I promise that I’ll start writing more soon, I’m just super tired. I’ll talk about my weekend later, when I’m trying to avoid homework and still feel productive~

Anyway. Typing and technology have always helped me to write. For one thing, I can’t read my handwriting. And for another, because my hand gets cramped (I write really small ><). Also, I type faster than I write. And so, my fast moving and spasmodic mind appreciates getting the thoughts out quicker. And it makes it a lot more real. I don’t go back and edit what I’ve typed because I want to leave it as it is. When I write, I slow down and so I edit and rethink what I want to say before I record it. Aaaand it’s not as much fun that way.

That’s really most of what I have to say about that.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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