Describe the perfect sandwich

Grilled Cheese with hoisin


Describe the perfect sandwich.

Eep I can’t do long posts if the subjects don’t give me loads of inspiration! Not to say, of course, that I don’t like the prompts – in general they’re really good. But personally, I don’t really like sandwiches…I know, I’m weird. The only two three sandwiches I’ll really eat are meatball subs, grilled cheese sandwiches and French dip. So…yeah. I guess just a really good anyone of those, with wheat bread on all. If it’s meatball, then I want provolone cheese on top. If grilled cheese, then I want American cheese. If French dip, then I would like to have provolone I think. So uh, yeah. I dunno. I’m not a sandwich person, I’d rather have something else yummy.


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