Dragon Age II - Hawke Poster

BE EPIC. Or something.

I’m a hardcore nerd, I’ll admit it. I played Dofus by Ankama for the longest time (even paid for it for a while), until my Cra was a level 120 and it was too slow. Plus, I stopped going as often so I lost all of my in-game high level connections and whatnot. Soooo yeah.

And my boyfriend and I have been looking for an online game to play together for ages, but the issue is that I have a Mac and he has a Windows, so it’s hard to find a game we would both like, that would be cheap, AND playable on both platforms. Luckily, today, I stumbled upon Dragon Age II, which is only $18.77, and we can both play. I’m downloading it now – I’m so excited! We’re going to coordinate our characters so that we can be a good team. :3 I’ma be a Blood Mage, cause it sounds epic. I’m super excited about this. We can play a game together and have something like that in common~

I love him so much. I”m glad I can share this with him.


Edit: Apparently it’s not an MMORPG. I assumed it was because of the websites it was on and because of implied online content, which apparently are extensions. Soooo I just spent $20 on a game I can’t play with my boyfriend. Which sucks. But it looks like a cool game nonetheless, and since I can’t return it, I might as well enjoy it. FML-ish. 


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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