What is the best way to tax people?


A money changer device

Money money MONEEEEH~

What is the best way to tax people?.

Oh, Lord. Politics. I feel like everyone who responds to this is just going to get a shitload of views and angry comments disagreeing with their methods. So I’ll puff out my chest and shine my armor.

So basically, I haven’t really had to deal much with taxes yet. Or at least not directly. That being said, social networking (thank you Tumblr) has allowed me to stay fairly up to date on political issues going on right now. I don’t claim to know anything about the details though. Just what I’ve collectively heard. You know, the whole 99% vs 1% argument that started this whole thing.

And from a bystander’s viewpoint, I agree. What with? Well…I agree that the rich are being undertaxed and the poor or middle class overtaxed. Being a lower middle class citizen, I do find myself a little annoyed that that 1% of the population pays less than I do, when they have probably 10x the money, or more. There are people struggling to survive and pay their taxes, while there are others who sit in their leather Lazyboy and figure out how to avoid taxes best. And in a way I understand this uneven spread of charges; most of the people making these decisions are, in fact, part of the 1%. Or, they have a substantial amount of political and economic influence that helps them get their opinion heard.

And honestly, why should the 1% be taxed so much less? They have more money than they need, and if they aren’t donating it to charities and organizations or using it to explore the world or something like that, what else is it doing? Buying yachts and household bowling allies? Buying Wiis and the newest technology just because they can and are bored? Why not contribute that money to the general masses and help them go through life more easily. They don’t have the opportunities or advantages you do, and no, it’s not always THEIR fault. Give taxes and improve living for everyone.

Why don’t we deserve health insurance? That’s the big question that I won’t even get in to.

So in conclusion, because I”m going to stop before I make people so angry they find and kill me because of my inaccuracies: people should be taxes based upon their yearly income in generalized categories. Like 50-70,000/yr pay out a certain percentage, and 1-3 mill./yr pay out a significantly larger number that would, of course, still remain proportional. I’m not good at math…but basically everyone looses the same proportionate amount of money to taxes. If I have $100, I pay $20. But if I only have $5, maybe I only pay $1. Or whatever that math would be.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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