What makes someone beautiful?


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Sorta like what I'm talking about, but without the weird makeup shit.

What makes someone beautiful?.


Wow, what a question. Stop making me try so hard! Haha.

Anyway. I think that what makes someone beautiful is completely subjective. And everything I say is going to sound cheesy and clichéd. So I’ll just say it.

Outside/physical beauty – Someone who is beautiful is someone who is elegant, and who carries a sort of serenity in their stance, etc. I really love elegant necks and skinniness, which sounds horrible, but I really like bones. Seeing them under the skin, the way they move with the body, how they hint at our core. I dunno, they’re just cool. Shoulder blades are very awesome. And a lean quality; not too tall, not too muscular: toned, skinny, the “ideal” person who everyone says is synthetic and unreal. Because everyone has flaws. Which I agree with, but the beauty and humble confidence of those who carry themselves well with the qualities I define as beautiful override imperfections, or they become part of the charm. Or something.

Inner beauty – Okay this is the sappy part. The humble confidence is a big part of this, because to carry yourself that way you have to be able to feel it. I think that’s pretty important – especially the humble aspect. But confidence helps. Self loathing makes me sympathize, but it doesn’t make me see you as beautiful. More as broken. In some way, everyone is broken. It’s how you handle the together that really counts. What you decide to hide and share, to show and conceal. And an ability to see the humors in life. But also the harsh truths – being ignorant and imaginative and happy about everything and refusing to see the bad is just frustrating. Because there is bad, and denial is so not sexy. It’s obnoxious, because damages to yourself and the world around you make you stronger, and more confident and thus more beautiful. Protecting yourself, never allowing yourself to strengthen, that just makes you pathetic and scared.


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Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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