I’ve Been SO Busy

Open Hack Night 11/2/11

This is me. 'Cept with graphic design, not hackage.

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I haven’t written as much as usual. Even my views show it; they’ve decreased, eep! Anyway. I really appreciate all of the comments and my three followers. I never thought I’d get any traffic on a personal and un-advertised blog with random little thoughts every once and a while. I guess being part of Post A Day helps a lot. Anyway. I’ll start posting like normal again soon, but this week has been so crowded! I’ve been working on my design job (which I wish I could post), and spent hours working on several banners and logo ideas. After feedback, I re-did the designs for the banners and now I need to submit them again. I’ll do that tonight so if they have feedback I can do quick fixes tomorrow if needed. I hope it all works out. I also had a huge project that’s due tomorrow. I”ll post the final result tomorrow or Friday or something when I have time, so that I can show you how it turned out – I worked for a long time on this one, really tried! I also have sketches that are due tomorrow that I need to start. I’ve done a few, but they took too long and making ten would take hours. So now I have to brainstorm objects that won’t drive me insane. On that note, I’ve been super into drawing lately. It’s weird. I like it, though. Being so inspired…it feels nice. Like I’m a real art student, haha.

Anyway. I’ll catch up with you guys later, hope your week has been good!


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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