College Is About To Start…For Real!

graphic design work by Emmanuel Cloix

Why not. :D

I’m super excited about next semester and all the rest of the semesters I have of this intimidating, intense, exciting experience. Yesterday I met with an advisor to talk about classes to take. I’m taking Intro to Graphic Design, History of Graphic Design, Media 2, and The Body in Art and Visual Culture (or something). My days are looking great – I have the weekends and Mondays off, and then my only 2-class day is on Thursdays, where I don’t start until 1 pm. I’m excited! I thought about taking Intro to Typography, but since I’m technically a semester ahead, I figured I had plenty of time to take that later and use next semester to get the basics down and to really get used to Graphic Design before Fall 2012.

It’s weird…next semester I won’t know what to call myself. This semester I have a total of 24 credits (Freshman…who usually only have 15). That means that next semester, with my extra 15 credits, I’ll have 39 credits. To be a sophomore you have to have 30. So I’ll be a sophomore. But I’ll feel like a Freshman. It’s weird. But that also means Junior year I can commit more time to my Junior review and other important stuff because I’ll have all of my required courses out of the way. Either that, or I can graduate a semester early! Yay!

Anyway. I’m excited that I’ve declared my major. I’ve decided on Graphic Design, but I didn’t think I’d be able to declare until next fall. So I’m glad I can kind of start right away. I also requested a studio desk space, so hopefully I can get that as well. The chair of the Design department is really nice, so I look forward to the program.

So yay! Today is going well.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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