A Bunch of New Sketches~


Wow, these have been in process for about two months. They’re just doodles and sketches that I did in my spare time when I felt like drawing.

All of the sketches are from images on the internet, simply because it’s fun to just draw from really great reference. All of the color and pencil gestures are by the guy that is noted on one of the scans. On deviantArt. The other one is from a website of amazing photoshop paintings of fantasy characters that I use to get into detail, etc. I hope you enjoy them! All the gestures were done free-hand with illustration color pens and a .3 lead drafting pencil for the pencil sketches. The fantasy character was rendered in a .3 lead drafting pencil, and gone over with a .003 Micron in black.








Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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