When is it a good time to quit?


Marcher wrapped in a flag of Hong Kong at a pr...

Well, I'm more of a words person...but kudos, man. Kudos.

When is it a good time to quit?.

Oh my God, I’ve been doing a horrible job on keeping up with this blog. Honestly the weekend was so crazy and the weekdays were so busy that by the time I got to my computer, I was too tired to write any sort of quality post. I’m sure things will get better though. But please know that I”m trying my  hardest! This is better than I’ve ever done, so feel honored. :]

So. I never like quitting. I’m the “always have to have the last word” girl in the room that no one wants to argue with because it’ll never end. But I’ve started to relieve that unrelenting quality in small baby steps. I think to myself: they have their opinions, I have mine. To each their own. I’ll state my opinion and emphasize that it IS an opinion, but I might have a few issues if you start telling me that I’m wrong and that your ideas are right. Then I’ll carry on and you’ll be trapped. So there.

So yeah. Quit when you see the argument going in circles, I guess. That’s what I try to do. When I see no definite conclusion or anything and the other person’s arguments are their own opinions they are expressing to me, then I back off and say “to each their own”. Or I try. I try very hard.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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