What would you do with a year if your goal was to become wise?


Fly on the WallWhat would you do with a year if your goal was to become wise?.


What a question. Honestly, I think that if it were possible, I would just be silent. Maybe like, invisible or a fly on the wall or something. Too often, I interrupt in conversations because I get overexcited about sharing my opinions with a group of people. And too often I focus on getting my ideas out there rather than trying to listen to everyone else’s. I don’t want to sound cocky really, but I’m pretty good at articulating what I want to say, which means that when an idea comes into my head I want to explain it to everyone else. It’s one of my flaws I struggle with. I hate it, but it’s just extremely hard to filter myself and stop sometimes.

So I’d like to not have the option to speak for a log time. I’d like to listen to what others have to say and where their conversation goes without my undoubtedly annoying interjections, and I’d like to focus just on them as opposed to what I might say next. How would this make me wise?

Well…I don’t know. Wise is such a broad, subjective term. But I feel like being able to JUST listen to other opinions and keep my mind that much more open to new ideas and point of views will just make me a more informed person. And not worrying about what I’ll say in response would maybe help me take in what I’ve heard both in words and in meaning.I’ll go with the general idea that wisdom is experience. And experiencing that would, for me, the the ultimate way to experience something life-altering. Without jumping off a cliff…


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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