Explain your strategy for life

Explain your strategy for life.


Oh God I wish that I had one. If anyone does, let me know xD

But um, I’m trying to figure it out; I’m only 19 so I have plenty of time. I know that in high school up to Junior year I was obsessed with perfection and putting up a front or something. I also thought I was going to a university with a strong art program, so I was working my ass off for good grades in hopes of scholarships. I feel like everything changed sometime after the beginning of Junior year, though. For starters, doing 110% in every class was too exhausting and time consuming. On top of that, I was starting to seriously consider going to just an art school in lieu of a university. Once that decision was made, I made important steps in time management; I was able to concentrate on the subjects that mattered and be ok with not excelling at the ones I didn’t. So I guess I try to live life that way…prioritizing, delegating, and being ok with imperfection.



Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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