Time Management, How I Despise You.

So college. I’m still trying to figure it all out, and how to manage my time while being an adult with responsibilities past doing my homework. I still get financial assistance from my parents and they still ship me stuff, but it’s a lot of change nonetheless. Especially since my parents were pretty catering to me when I was at home.

Anyway. I’ve never had an official job up until this semester…I’ve babysat and done volunteer work, but that’s the extent of it. So pretty much right away I was hired at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Library and at Homework N’ Hoops, a mentoring program for kids in the Minneapolis Public School system. My MIA job is from 11:3–4:30 on Fridays, and my HnH job is both Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:30. At the beginning of the year, and almost all the way up to finals, this was working fine for me. I was busy, but I was managing. But now, I’m just overwhelmed. And at my HnH job, I didn’t feel like I was making a difference in my mentee’s education or in her life…in fact, she seemed to attach more to other mentors than she did to me. Having a job where I only get 4 hours a week at such awkward hours when I have class early the following mornings is just too much for me to handle. I realize that there are people in my class who have way more to deal with and etc etc, and they can work through being sick and stick to their jobs and juggle their time perfectly, but I”m not that person. I don’t want to be doing a job I don’t enjoy, or where I don’t feel helpful. I want to be doing something that I love, something that is worth my while and worth everyone else’s. And even though money is important, school is the priority. Especially since next semester I’ll be taking classes in my major, which means I’m going to really want to focus on them. Having an off-campus job is just too much to deal with, and I can’t really do it. So I have to quit my HnH job for next semester not only because of these reasons, but also because of scheduling conflicts. I’m going to try to pick up more hours at the library because it’s so close and hopefully I can work 10 hours a week and actually get more money. Plus, I feel like I’m really helping there and I absolutely love the job. Even on my worst days, sorting and cataloguing and shelving are really just good ways to fade away from the world. As weird as that sounds. Plus, in terms of my future, having connections at a museum could be potentially very helpful, and hopefully I can do internships there with good recommendations or something.

Ugh, college.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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