Do you think it’s ethical to use unmanned drones in war?

Do you think it’s ethical to use unmanned drones in war?.


Well I mean…why not? If we have the technology, then yeah, why can’t we use them in war? War itself is a mess of moral confusion, so ethics can’t really be discussed in the same context as normal. Then again, unmanned drones seem actually more ethical than recruiting soldiers to go on missions that could be potentially suicidal. Keeping the people out of the battlefield as much as possible seems like a pretty good thing to me. I don’t know much on the tactics of war, but wouldn’t it be better to have machines go into the heart of the battle than risk the lives of soldiers with families and futures? If by unethical you’re talking about vs the opponent who doesn’t have those resources..well that’s never seemed to be a problem before. Every country moves at its own pace. They might have advantages that we don’t have, and the same goes for us. Again, war is unethical. But the object of the game is to win with as few casualties as possible. So taking advantages that you have that your country has labored over creating…that doesn’t seem wrong to me at all. 


On that note…like I said, I’ll be updating all of you on my Video blog progress. I got a few questions last night from a friend, so there will be a new video up shortly. I hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to ask any questions you can! I’m also going to start the 30-day-video blogging challenge to get me started. Here’s the link to my channel – subscribe!


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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