A Few Changes

So I’m a little bored and restless. I’m about to go to bed after this post though, I think.

Anyway. The biggest change is probably just the layout, which I changed to look a little cleaner. I was looking extensively into getting a web host so I could actually download WordPress, but I don’t know if it’s really worth it. So I’m sticking to this, and it’ll just bother me. I thought about buying the font/CSS upgrade but I’m not a fan of the fonts…or at least I don’t think they’re worth the money. I really wish I could get videos on here, though. But I don’t know if that’s worth it either.

The other minor change is that I now have an RSS feed on my sidebar that’ll show the titles of the Youtube uploads. Since I can’t embed the videos, this is the closest I can come to updating you guys on my blog so that the two aren’t totally detached from one another. Or something. Anyway, I”ll still make a few comments about it and summarize etc like normal, but now it’s much easier to access. So enjoy that!

The other minor change is that my categories section is not a cloud anymore…it didn’t go well with the new layout. They’re listed now and easier to find, organizationally. The sidebar now also features a “Recent Ramblings” which is now more obvious (I think it was there before…?).

The horizontal menu is also updated to have links to posts in my most used categories as well as the about page. Which I will update right after I post this.

Anyway, I hope this layout is nicer than the last. As much as I liked it, it was starting to get sort of juvenile, almost. So we’ll see. I get bored and change layouts sometimes x3


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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