Video Blog and Some Art Stuff~

Deutsch: Buntstifte, Farbstifte العربية: أقلام...

Hey guys, so as you might be able to see on my feed to your right, I have a new video up today (as I’ll try to have up everyday). The first minute or two is answering the Vlog Challenge question about where I’d like to visit most. It’s a longer video because the rest of it is art stuff!

So if you don’t want to watch it and just want a summary, here it is: Basically I have to make a color book for my “own benefit and reference” that includes various types of color studies. I’m using acrylic on all of them because it just makes things easier. However, I suck at painting, so we’ll see how this goes. Anyway. Basically what I have down so far are the scales, and then I have to move on to the color study examples that are inspired by the studies of Josef Albers. I talk you through my process, my layout sketches, and my overall plan. I’ll be updating probably daily on how that’s going. I’m going to try to finish asap because I also have a test to study for. And a group project to work on. And a 30-second film on the conservation of matter using water. And a powerpoint presentation. And a 3D found items sculpture. So.

On another note…I was watching this today to make sure it wasn’t too boring or something or maybe I was so bored I was watching myself..but goddamn do I look weird when I talk. My hands are all twisty and awkward and I make weird faces and weirder noises and I space out…and it would be okay if that was just because I was nervous, except for the fact that that’s how I talk all the time. ;-;


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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