Paint And I Just Don’t…”Mix”.

So there are several reasons I don’t like painting/I struggle with it:

  1. It’s messy. Messy messy.
  2. Not only that, but it’s really hard to clean up. It takes so long, and I feel like I waste so many materials cleaning my brushes and stuff.
  3. My brushes get clumpy-ish (not bad but they don’t look perfect, by which I mean straight out of the package but with color). This bothers me mostly because I am a graphic designer and I like clean, crisp lines. Which I can’t really do with painting. I’m not good enough/have the patience to tape it all out.
  4. It takes up so much space. My desk is like being invaded by painting supplies and my paintings. And they’re not even that big.
  5. They cost SO. MUCH. I’ve spent over $130 on paint supplies and it’s just ridiculous.
  6. It never mixes the way I want. It’s always too dark or it needs more of this but I put in too much and…yeah. Which is mostly frustrating because of the fact that color is sort of my forte…but I can’t seem to mix it.
  7. I waste a lot of paint, because of #6. So that always feels like I’m coughing coins.

So Then…Why Am I Painting?

Good question. I have to do a project in 2D which I’ve been talking about nonstop for the past few days here and on Youtube. But basically it’s a color book for our own “reference” or something that’s supposed to be creative and accurate, with formal color studies and then some compositions in monochromatic, complimentary, analogous, triadic and tetrad color schemes. If you’re curious, I started over tonight after seeing student examples in class. My theme is Asian, so most of my colors are reds and oranges and then blues and greens. With the four elements, some bamboo, a failed attempt at rice stalks, flowers…and even some Chinese characters. I’ve been working on it for most of the day and I have only the details on my backgrounds to do and then I have to bind it all together and get a cover together. So I’m just going to pray that it all works out I guess.

So How Does One Paint…When One Can’t?

Well. I’ll try to explain my process a little. Maybe I’ll do a video post as well. Of me painting for a little bit. But basically, I start by getting out my tray of paint stuff which includes all of my Golden paints thrown into a metal box, my palette, and my paintbrushes and napkins that are resting in a pencil holder. Next up, I wander into the kitchen and fill 4-5 plastic cups of water (that I use over and over again, I don’t use new cups each time) and clean off any  brushes from the night before if I had them. Then they go back in their holder with the bristles facing upwards. I set my palette down, then look to the right to my sketchbook, which has the layout of my book right now, page by page with some color suggestions. Then I turn on a show to watch. When the painting starts, it’s basically pretty standard. Mix, paint, mix, paint. I do one side of a sheet at a time, then wait for them all to dry and flip them over to do the other side. I do backgrounds for paintings that require it and leave them alone until they’re completely dry. Exciting, right?!

So What’re ALL These Pictures?

Well. That’s a pretty obvious one, I think. Anyway, if not, this is my palette after a total of around 6 hours of painting. I tried to use all of the paints but as I said, I suck at mixing. Which means I have a lot of leftover paint because I have to keep adding and adding to get the colors right (and I’m picky about color so…yeah). I’m trying this new palette that supposedly keeps paints wet for weeks, and it did a decent job overnight. The thinner layers were dried but that was about it. This is the palette soaking in the sink. Every dent was filled. I took pictures because I thought it looked pretty cool. And colorful and interesting. So yeah. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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