New Year's ResolutionHow do you decide on new year’s resolutions?.

I kind of gave up on resolutions for the new year. Because then when I don’t meet them I’m disappointed, and it’s rare that I do because I mean hell. A year? Ahaha…I can hardly remember what my resolution was the next week.

Sorry about the short answer, but I HAVE EXCITING POST CONTENT TODAY!

So first off: Finals week, eep! I finished my 3D project and I really was proud of my work and everyone else seemed to see a lot of progress, which is good. It felt under control, and I think it was a good end to the semester. I can’t believe I’m done with 3D…it almost makes me sad, mostly because I loved my teacher and my classmates were all pretty awesome. We had a great class dynamic and everyone was respectful and honest. Isn’t it great? Anyway, that’s another thing off my plate.

I also just finished my video for Media 1. The link is here, and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a “bumper” for MTV. It’s called “Make Your Own Rainbow”; I hope you like it! I’m pretty excited about it. I was hoping to have better video quality but that’s not the case. So maybe it adds? Probably not but hey, I have limited equipment.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well during finals week! I still have a ton more to do, so I might tell you more later. Don’t forget to check out my Youtube videos, and please ask me questions or whatever. I need prompts!


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