Aaaah hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a few days – finals week was crazy and so much has been going on. I’m typing this on my iPhone at the airport so forgive typos, haha! So here’s the update:

I’m done with my first semester of college! I can hardly believe how fast it went and how much has happened in just a few months. It’s exciting though, to feel so accomplished. So this is basically the reason I haven’t posted in a while: finals! Oh my God, this week has been crazy. But I made it through and I think I’m good in terms of keeping my scholarship. My English teacher LOVES me and I have full credit in her class. Maybe I’m a closet English major…
Regardless, I’m excited for next semester she. I take a few classes towards my major. The next three or so weeks be nice though, so I can recuperate.

So I quit my job mentoring because the hours just were t working, and I would have had to switch them around anyway. My mentee wants me to draw for her still though, so I might work something out with the volunteer coordinator. My goal was to then pick up more hours at the MIA because I love that job, but now they’re consolidating due to budget cuts, which means its unlikely I’ll be working there next semester. And no one is hiring for work study. I applied at this tutoring site, so maybe I’ll get something out of that. And I’ll continue to look for jobs. And do freelance work, maybe. I’ll figure it out, but it sucks.

Meeting People!
I hope if this person is reading this they don’t think it’s weird, haha. Anyway. I met a really nice senior here at MCAD, which only helped to remind me how elitist high school was and how much different and better college is in that respect. I’ve also been able to kind of talk to my roommate’s friends every once and a while, which is cool. I don’t have much of a social life right now though, haha. That might change next semester or next year when I get into my major.

Winter Break!
So that’s all stuff that happened this week. It’s been a roller coaster. But now I have three weeks of stress free relaxation and I’m excited! It’s weird having a break without homework by I love it. I’m actually excited about Christmas this yer, since I asked for a bunch of art supplies that I really want (a light table is on the top of that list!) or need . I can’t wait to see Dexter and Sophie again, and to be able to not worry about all the things I have to at college – a small break from daily chores and responsibilities will be really nice, as spoiled as that sounds. Oh, and food. I don’t have to decide based off what will microwave faster, haha. I’m also excited to have a car again. The BEST part of my break, however, will come in early January when my boyfriend and I are going to spend almost a week in Kansas City, just the two of us! I’m really excited. It’ll be our Christmas gifts to each other, and we’re going to treat ourselves to a really nice dinner. And just be able to relax without worrying about parents or time and not being stressed about having to make most of our day together and instead enjoy each others’ company over several days. I’ve missed him so much, and I can’t wait. It going to make sleeping alone when I go back to school and don’t have him there, though.

The Wrap-Up
So that’s all I have for now. I’m sorry I had t posted, and unfortunately I’m going to announce a pseudo-hiatus for the next tree weeks as I won be able to update consistently and I’d much rather enjoy my time home than worry about my blog Rhein vacation. I will update as much as possible though, so don’t give up on me! Once I get back to school it’ll start being daily again.



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