christmas 2007

And then the elves broke out into song, breakdancing on the reflective surface of that enticing ornament...

Wow, it’s already Christmas! I can’t believe it; I feel like I just got home, and it’s already been a week. This vacation is going to fly by waaay too fast. Which is so sad! But I’m happy to be home and I’m happy to have time to breathe and settle in.

I’m actually excited about Christmas this year; I asked for things that I do actually need for school and such. So that’ll be good if I get it. I also am sort of depending on getting a few clothing items to hold me over for the rest of the month, haha! Regardless, it’ll be nice to be home this holiday, and I have to say it feels weird to be coming back from somewhere. Also, I can’t believe that I was getting college letters a YEAR ago. A whole frickin’ year, what? Already? Oh my God. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, that so much time has passed. That I’m going to be a second-semester college student? Just woah. It’s an exciting feeling.

And as a side note, to all of you who are waiting on college letters, best of luck! I hope everyone gets into the colleges they want and I hope everyone is happy with the responses they get.

Also, I’m at 700 views! Which I know, in reality, isn’t much, but it feels significant to me. Since I don’t really advertise this blog and I don’t try to “get it out there” at all really, it’s exciting to know that it has any substantiality to it. So thank you to those of you who read my blog, special thanks to my subscribers, and thanks to anyone else who’s taking the time to at least read this post.

Happy holidays, I hope everyone has a great month!


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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