Adobe Illustrator vs Artificial Intelligence

Not relevant, but isn't it nifty?

So this is really pathetic and desperate, but that’s what I am right now. FOR MONEY.

Anyway. So as I might have blogged before, I quit one job and I was laid off my other within a matter of 48 hours. This left me totally unexpectedly unemployed without transportation in a shitty economy where everyone in work study is comfortably keeping their positions.

In short, if that wasn’t short enough, I’m in desperate need for work. My inability to really go anywhere because of time and transportation constraints, coupled with being a Freshman in college with limited but specific work experience hasn’t helped much either. I’ve been looking around and I’ve been unable to find any part-time jobs, work study jobs, or paid internships that I could do.

So here’s my plea for help – PLEASE HELP! :[

If you know anyone who needs a small job done (like maybe a brochure or an announcement e-mail or a letterhead or a logo or a website layout, minus the coding, or anything like that for a graphic design student proficient in Adobe Illustrator and with experience in freelancing), please please PLEASE refer them to here. Or to my Behance link, which I’m pretty sure is in my links section. This is something that I really need right now, and I’m going to start scrambling to apply for some odd-jobs on, but there aren’t any promises there. Please tell them that I have a flexible schedule and because I’m a college kid I work for pretty cheap and can negotiate prices (that are practically labor-low!).

Anyway. That’s my shout-out. Even if you personally don’t have anyone you know in need of design work, maybe one of your friends knows someone? I know that asking here is a long shot, but what the hell, it’s all I have. I’m pulling every string and trying to hit every bullseye. Or something.

Thanks guys!


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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