It be whut I'm gettin'~ Ahah.

Here’s a first-day-of-school little update for all you guys.

So basically my first day was pretty good. I had the morning off (which I took full advantage of and sleept until 11, cough cough), and then I had to rush down to get my REA stuff figured out. Which is basically my semester-registration where I pick up my spring invoice and official class schedule. Then I dropped by to say hi to some friends who I hadn’t seen and catch up a little bit. Then the real stuff began.

Although on a side note, it was overwhelming but strangely nice to see the cafeteria and the campus crowded with people that looked familiar. I’m not the “new” new kid anymore. I’m just the new kid. But who has a few friends.

My class for today was Media 2, and I’m pretty convinced that to be a teacher in that class you have to be epic, spacey, and have a dry sense of humor. In summary, I loved my teacher. We went around introducing ourselves and interesting facts about us (which he wrote down; I appreciate this because these are teachers that are connecting with their students more than just knowing their majors, etc). There are a few people in the class that I knew from last semester, which was really nice. Seeing familiar faces was comforting. It was weird though, seeing different familiar faces in a class, if that makes sense.

So our first assignment is just super weird. I’ll put more about it later, but essentially the first part is an exercise in stream of conscious. We have to compose 15 stream of consciousness phrases, and then take 15 photos. I don’t think anyone’s really clear on what’s needed, but it’s pretty abstract. Eventually we’ll be making a non-linear narrative book out of it, then turning it into a digital book. I’m sort of excited. I already have a few phrases written down and some photos edited, so I’ll have plenty of time to pick and choose. I’m going to try to stay on top of things this semester (haha).

Anyway, this class is so different than anything I’ve ever had, as far as classes go. It’s so abstract and it’s so concept-centered. I love that about it…it’s no longer about perfect execution and technique, but it’s about the bravery and uniqueness of ideas and the willingness to try and fail (without risking your grade for it). That’s comforting to me, since I feel like a lot of the time I have an idea in my head that never turns out as cool as a final product. Now I can focus more on the process and be less worried about the logistics of it having to be technically perfect for a good grade.

I’m excited about this class. I really am.


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