Fevers and Mirrors

This is a great album.

Alright so,  I know I was supposed to do the daily post thing. Except since Thursday evening I’ve had this really weird fluctuating flu that just wouldn’t go away. I’d feel fine one minute, then all of the sudden my fever would show up and spike to 102.9 (its peak). So that really sucked. What sucked more was being so freezing cold I had to huddle under every blanket I own in every sweater I could smash into quickly…which meant that when the fever would inevitably break for a few hours, I would have to start sweating like a pig and strip off everything and try my hardest to cool off before I melted. And my sleep schedule has been meeessed up. So yeah. Anyway, I PROMISE I’ll start!><


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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