New Theme!

Portrait of Sigmund Freud

Hey, so it’s been a pretty dull few days, but I changed my theme up just a bit. Hope you like it!

Also, on another subject, my classes have been going well. Here’s a quick update on all of them, day by day!
Drawing 1 (Monday, 1-6): This will probably by far be my worst class, but maybe it’ll get better once I get used to it all. Basically it’s a bunch of still life drawings, which is boring anyway for me, but oh well. I’ll learn a lot, I know. The first project is due Monday and it’s going to be very difficult to finish…or at least push myself to, haha! Anyway. The teacher is decent and there are people in the class that I know, which is good. Hey, maybe I’ll even improve!

Creative Breakthroughs in 20th Century Thought (Monday, 6:30-9): Well it’s unfortunate that I have this class after standing for five hours…but I think I’m going to really enjoy it. The first seven weeks are on existential thinking and confronting ones’ existence…which is pretty intense. And a paper every week…so by next Monday I need to read some Freud and write a 1-2 page paper, but I really think I can do it. It’ll be exciting…an enriching academic class, I hope.

Media 2 (Tuesday, 1-6): This class is soo fun! I enjoy the classroom atmosphere and the teacher is great. The conceptual level is so much higher than that of last year, and it’s refreshingly challenging in a totally different way than before. Our first project went pretty well, and the next level of the assignment is to make a book. I haven’t started…and I know I should have…but anyway. I’m excited about it nonetheless.

Intro to Graphic Design (Wednesday, 1-6): This class most certainly is challenging.   The teacher explains things…a little weirdly, so it’s hard to adjust to his line of thinking. I think it’ll just take some getting used to. Or I hope, at least. I didn’t do my first project quite right, but we have a chance to fix and edit it, so I was working on that for a few hours tonight. Although I realize that I probably should have been doing other more pressing homework. Or chores or something. But naaah. It’s still early, I might do some other homework yet.

History of Graphic Design (Friday, 9:30-12): My only early class, isn’t that awesome?! Anyway, I really like the teacher, and the class sounds really fun. The first day, we talked about the progression of writing throughout the ages, beginning with cuneiform and ending in modern written dialects. She talks pretty fast, but it’s a fun class. I really enjoy it, and I like art history classes anyway.

So that was my week, and I have a WHOLE lot of work to do! I think I’ll be okay though. I’m trying to not procrastinate, but it’s going to take some time. I have to buck up enough to start before the day it’s due, ahah. Wish me luck!

I hope that everyone else’s semester is going alright, whether you’re a teacher or a student or something else! And if you’re not in school, then I hope winter isn’t too chilly for you. Happy living!


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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