I Need To Post More Consistently.

Image representing Behance as depicted in Crun...

Great Service! <3

I haven’t gotten a lot of prompts from Post a Day though? Anyway. Maybe I’ll try to post once to twice a week as a general rule. I’ll set up days as I figure out my schedule.

Anyway, this is sort of another shameless self-promotion post. As you know, I’ve been working really hard to try and find an accessible and manageable job that I can do from my school. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find anything that fits my criteria and that would consider me, so I’m starting to try and do some freelance work. That being said, I would truly appreciate any recommendations you’re willing to throw to your friends about me. I’ve uploaded and updated my Behance profile so that you can all see current works.

So here’s the thing – I recently put a lot of (well maybe not a lot, more like a small grouping) prints up for sale on my Behance, so check it out! Maybe you’ll like something? I still have to work out some of the logistics, but take a look.



Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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