I Took a Break, But Learned A Lot


It's for real, yo.

Hey guys, so I’m sorry about not posting. I feel like a broken record… >< Anyway. I’ve been absent because I’ve been on a really really weird sleep schedule. And, I’ve been watching a lot of documentary movies lately. So I’m going to give you a review on 3 of them now.

Brother’s Keeper: This movie is about the death and speculated murder of one of four of the Ward brothers. The accused is one of these said brothers, whose innocence is the main subject of this film. While initially he signed a confession, he recants it and goes to trial pleading innocent, by reason of confusion and manipulation. It’s an incredibly eye-opening and intriguing movie about the difference between urban and rural peoples. The remaining three brothers live in destitute conditions, and are all relatively illiterate and uneducated. The accused claims that he was confused and manipulated by statements he didn’t understand into making a confession. His small town agrees with him in what appears to be an interesting social phenomenon. This is interesting because the Wards were considered outcasts who were never given a second glance, and yet they made friend of the whole town as a result of the circumstances surrounding their brother’s death. The movie, in whole, displays a fascinating dynamic between the mentalities of a small-town group of people vs. the big-town lawyers and political powers. By the end, the interest focuses less on the actual story and more on the growing community and the look into a truly rural lifestyle.

Two Weeks in Hell: This movie is drastically different. I’ve been on a special ops military kick recently, haha. Anyway. This movie is a documentary about the 2-week “interview” process in becoming eligible to train as a green beret. The movie is divided into two parts, in which the crew follows students in this grueling process from day one to the final test. I think what was most fascinating was how mentally and physically taxing this two weeks was on the young men who tried out. It’s beyond comprehension; it’s all about bringing them to their breaking point and watching how they handle it. While it’s a horrible thing to watch, it makes sense. Being a part of the Green Berets is a taxing and intense job, and being babied through training wouldn’t make sense. It would actually be worse. And the movie makes such a good point of this. And it helps to know that the instructors were once in the same shoes and have been in the field, and so what appears inhuman is really from real-world experiences.

Declining by Degrees: Wow, this movie. Just wow. It’s basically an examination on the quality of higher education and the reasons behind its shortcomings or accomplishments. It talks with teachers and students from state and private universities about teaching and the college experience. It’s really depressing to see the lack of effort that’s passable in large universities, and it’s even more depressing to see students with so much potential forced to go to lower-level schools because of financial shortcomings. There are students graduating that have worked their ass off, and students that are graduating that have coasted by. It makes me feel so lucky that I’m able to go to a school like MCAD and have the luxury of a private education. It also makes me incredibly thankful for my high school education and how over-prepared I felt after leaving and how I feel now.

I recommend all of these movies. I hope you enjoyed my reviews, there probably will be more to come. I have a lot of tabs with documentaries open, yay! Haha.


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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