Criminal Minds

So I just received my Valentine’s Day care package from my parents (yes, I’m that kind of daughter) and it came with lots of goodies! Food, of course, is a major plus that I’m looking forward to eating. I miss soda though. I kind of want some right now but I don’t have any :<

I also got a LOT of movies, and I’m excited about that. They were all on sale. Here’s the list:

Stick It
Dinner for Schmucks 
The Social Network 
Garden State
The Hangover
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Black Swan

Random, I know. But I enjoy all of these movies and I’m excited to have even more to add to my collection!

On another note, I’m watching Criminal Minds right now. It’s so amazing and disturbing and fascinating. I really like the characters and I really like the story lines. Compelling and interesting. Serious, though. Hard to watch at night.

Anyway. I’m very grateful for my parents and what they’re able to give me and what they’ve sent me. They’re coming to visit next week and I’m excited to see them! A nice dinner, groceries, a car, haha.

This was just a quick little update for all of you guys. Do you like any of those movies?


Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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