Hubpages Update

Blogging Heroes

They have those?

Not a lot has been going on in my life worth blogging about, so I’ll talk about my other blogging site, haha.

So Hubpages is really great. The articles are mostly informative, which is something new for me, and it’s really strictly filtered to ensure high quality writing. I’m not entirely sure how the money thing works but I think it’s just through ads.

Nevertheless it’s a great way to push and stretch my skills as a writer and my ability to coherently instruct and inform, which might help with my career. It might also get me a good reputation as a writer and a good resume addition so that I can apply for some lower end article writing jobs which will give me more options for money as well.

So my first two Hubs have gotten positive reviews thus far, and I’m up to three followers. I haven’t gotten many comments, but the ones I got are stunningly praising, and it feels like the people are truly respectful and intelligent, like they wouldn’t lie about it just to be nice or something. The comments consisted of “You’ve made a hard act to follow. And Anna, that’s a good thing” and “you should do good on this site if you continue to write like this” (although I think it should be do well…?).

Anyway, it’s definitely encouraged me to continue writing there.

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Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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