A Sporadic Update

Major redesign! Major makeover. 

So here’s the thing guys. I haven’t written in a really long time and I’ve probably lost what followers I had (and I’m really sad about that!)

But I’m going to try and keep writing, because it’s cathartic and good for the soul. Or something.

And as a symbolic “restarting” of this blog, I have redone the layout (see, there are fish, because my nickname is Karp. Get it?). It’s a pretty lame symbol but it works for me. I am also going to work on revamping my personal website and I’ll post the link when I’m finally finished. Other external links will also be updated.

I also haven’t written on my Hubpages in a while but I might start that up again over the summer.

Anyway. I’ve been busy with school school school and I now have two jobs (on top of being a full time student) and that’s a lot of work, with a surprising lack of free time. Whatever I complained about in terms of workload last year has pretty much doubled. Insane.

I’m excited for Thanksgiving break though and for having a break from school. I”m also excited for my next semester where I will be taking more illustration classes than design classes and maybe I can take a little mental break and have some fun. Maybe.

I’ll give a detailed update of everything once I get home and am full to the gut with yummy food.



Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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