Thanksgiving and a Much Needed Break

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thanksgiving is almost here!


Most importantly, my break is almost here! It’s a little sad how excited I am. I finally get a real break from school and an extended visit of my family back in St. Louis, MO.


We’ve been worked pretty hard here at MCAD and I think everyone is ready for a break. Everyone needs to stop doing school and work 24/7 and needs to take a break and be pampered by family. And I’m not an exception to that generalization. Even though we still have school work, it will be, for the most part, a relaxing week of not having to bus everywhere and worry about groceries all the time.


That being said, I’m definitely excited to see my entire family again. Not only my parents, but my grandparents and cousins as well. Our family has also reconnected with my dad’s estranged sister, which has been interesting. She has a younger daughter, who is apparently fascinated with me and incredibly nice. And despite what I’ve heard about my aunt, she seems like a nice person as well and treats me as if there was never a misstep (but then again…maybe that’s weird?)


Most importantly, I’m excited to see my boyfriend. He’s decided, after long debate (and why shouldn’t he think hard about it, he’s lived in St. Louis his whole life) to move to Minneapolis with me once he finishes college. Even though it won’t be until next spring semester, I’m still really excited already. Over break I think we’re going to start a joint savings and start making a cushion for ourselves so we don’t have to worry as much for the immediate few months/weeks we are in Minneapolis together having to deal with rent.


I haven’t run any of this by my parents yet and I don’t really know if I need to until, at the earliest, summer break. I’d like their support and possibly a little help financially until we get ourselves settled, but we’ll see.


He’s also said he wants to marry me once we get ourselves comfortable! Eek! Cue girly squeals and jumping up and down!


Here’s a question, what is everyone else doing for the holidays?  Any big plans? Large family gatherings? Stuffing your faces as much as you can? Or do you have to work?




Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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