Finals MONTH

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So here at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, we don’t just have a finals week. We have a finals month. Granted, this makes sense. But it really, really fucking sucks.


Essentially, because all of our projects are…well, projects, and not papers/tests, they tend to go on for longer than any normal final. Basically, our finals start just before Thanksgiving break and then we have about 3 weeks to finish them.


The good thing about this is that critiques tend to extend over several class periods. Which means if you get your work done by the first critique date, you have little to nothing to do for the rest of the remaining weeks. It’s a nice feeling.


But then all of the other stress kind of compensates for that nice feeling, soo…


In any case. the year is winding up before it’s winding down. And if you want to see any of the major projects I finished, I made a new Tumblr for my artwork which you can view here (and follow if you want!).




And also, aside from this miniature rant, I might be posting process from my Graphic Design class final project. It involves following a series of processes, and one of those is probably going to be text based (since I tend to think of myself as a pseudo-academic as well as a visual artist…). If I do choose to post the results of each step of the process I will create a separate category for them. This might be fun. Woo!…




Anyway. I’ll try and post more in the next few weeks but I’ll be pretty swamped. We’ll see how it goes. I will definitely post more when I get home for winter break (I have a lot of big news to share!)


Until then,


Hope everyone else who has to do finals is getting A’s for awesome!




Been a While, Crocodile! :3

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