A Much Needed Update

Avoid Alzheimer's Disease 2

Avoid Alzheimer's Disease 2 (Photo credit: AlzheimerHelp)

So I do have an excuse, albeit a pretty pathetic one.

I’ve been swamped this semester with school work and everything else in life. That’s not to say things haven’t been going great, but it’s more to say that they’ve been ever-moving. I was going to just let this blog die, but I don’t think I can do that to myself, or to my readers. Even though I haven’t posted in a month, cough cough.

So a lot has happened. We’re at midterms now and I have a lot of work, but I think it’ll all be okay. I’ll jus have to be constantly busy for the next week. But then things should wind down and then breaktime! I’ll be able to write a lot during that time.

I’ve made a few new friends during my blogging hiatus, which has felt pretty nice. College friends are so different than high school ones, and it’s a fascinating discrepancy. It’s made me more outgoing and more comfortable with myself.

Work wise, I lost my two jobs from last semester (as I might have mentioned, I don’t remember). That meant this semester meant scrambling around looking for jobs, and I actually got a lot of responses and three official offers, which astounded me. I get to build a website and code it for one client, which I’m anxious to start. It’ll be a learning experience and my client is willing to learn with me. I was also offered a job as a personal assistant for a handbag designer whose headquarters are based in LA. This was exciting to me because their products have been featured in international/national magazines and on celebrities. I had accepted the job and was going to start shortly after I had talked with the woman on the phone, but the next day I got another offer at a company that I’d talked to earlier. Apparently people have heard about them, and they’re going to teach me design techniques for web/mobile design, sales, etc. They work with a lot of local venues and DJ’s, artists, etc, so hopefully it’ll move me towards what I want to do after college.

Anyway, enough about me for now. I hope you enjoyed that brief update, I’ll try my hardest to update more frequently. In the meantime, check out my Hubpages Hubs, they’re updated more frequently!


Hubpages Update

Blogging Heroes

They have those?

Not a lot has been going on in my life worth blogging about, so I’ll talk about my other blogging site, haha.

So Hubpages is really great. The articles are mostly informative, which is something new for me, and it’s really strictly filtered to ensure high quality writing. I’m not entirely sure how the money thing works but I think it’s just through ads.

Nevertheless it’s a great way to push and stretch my skills as a writer and my ability to coherently instruct and inform, which might help with my career. It might also get me a good reputation as a writer and a good resume addition so that I can apply for some lower end article writing jobs which will give me more options for money as well.

So my first two Hubs have gotten positive reviews thus far, and I’m up to three followers. I haven’t gotten many comments, but the ones I got are stunningly praising, and it feels like the people are truly respectful and intelligent, like they wouldn’t lie about it just to be nice or something. The comments consisted of “You’ve made a hard act to follow. And Anna, that’s a good thing” and “you should do good on this site if you continue to write like this” (although I think it should be do well…?).

Anyway, it’s definitely encouraged me to continue writing there.

Support me!

I’m A HubPages Writer!

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Maybe a few dollars in my pocket?~

Which isn’t really anything since it’s not like I got hired, but I figured that if any of my articles get attention, I can make some money off of it. That being said, I don’t expect much, but I’m desperate. Above my header is a link for a live feed of my Hubs, and I would really appreciate your support! I plan on also posting my Hub articles on here as well, with a link to the Hub page so that if you really like what I wrote, you can support it on HubPages! It’s so easy to support me – there are shiny buttons at the end of the articles! Share via FB, Twitter, or “bump it up”.

I hope you all enjoy, please support me~

I Need To Post More Consistently.

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Great Service! <3

I haven’t gotten a lot of prompts from Post a Day though? Anyway. Maybe I’ll try to post once to twice a week as a general rule. I’ll set up days as I figure out my schedule.

Anyway, this is sort of another shameless self-promotion post. As you know, I’ve been working really hard to try and find an accessible and manageable job that I can do from my school. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find anything that fits my criteria and that would consider me, so I’m starting to try and do some freelance work. That being said, I would truly appreciate any recommendations you’re willing to throw to your friends about me. I’ve uploaded and updated my Behance profile so that you can all see current works.

So here’s the thing – I recently put a lot of (well maybe not a lot, more like a small grouping) prints up for sale on my Behance, so check it out! Maybe you’ll like something? I still have to work out some of the logistics, but take a look.


English: Pongo Resume logo, graphic image only


So I finally have a resume typed up. An official-ish one, at least. I sent it to my parents to ask for advice and stuff, but for all intensive purposes it’s done. I’ve been looking around for jobs and realized that most ask for resumes…so I decided to make one. I thought anyway that I should have one for if I want to do design work, etc etc. Just makes things easier. So this is a little mini-post. :D

Adobe Illustrator vs Artificial Intelligence

Not relevant, but isn't it nifty?

So this is really pathetic and desperate, but that’s what I am right now. FOR MONEY.

Anyway. So as I might have blogged before, I quit one job and I was laid off my other within a matter of 48 hours. This left me totally unexpectedly unemployed without transportation in a shitty economy where everyone in work study is comfortably keeping their positions.

In short, if that wasn’t short enough, I’m in desperate need for work. My inability to really go anywhere because of time and transportation constraints, coupled with being a Freshman in college with limited but specific work experience hasn’t helped much either. I’ve been looking around and I’ve been unable to find any part-time jobs, work study jobs, or paid internships that I could do.

So here’s my plea for help – PLEASE HELP! :[

If you know anyone who needs a small job done (like maybe a brochure or an announcement e-mail or a letterhead or a logo or a website layout, minus the coding, or anything like that for a graphic design student proficient in Adobe Illustrator and with experience in freelancing), please please PLEASE refer them to here. Or to my Behance link, which I’m pretty sure is in my links section. This is something that I really need right now, and I’m going to start scrambling to apply for some odd-jobs on Freelancer.com, but there aren’t any promises there. Please tell them that I have a flexible schedule and because I’m a college kid I work for pretty cheap and can negotiate prices (that are practically labor-low!).

Anyway. That’s my shout-out. Even if you personally don’t have anyone you know in need of design work, maybe one of your friends knows someone? I know that asking here is a long shot, but what the hell, it’s all I have. I’m pulling every string and trying to hit every bullseye. Or something.

Thanks guys!

When you go to a movie theater…

English: Cinema 4 at HOYTS, Forest Hill Shoppi...

When you go to a movie theater….


Hey guys, sorry for my short posts. It’s finals week and I’m going a little insane! Anyway, first thing’s first: when I go to a movie theater it makes the movie that much better. The bigger the screen, the more I can get into the movie and everything about it. Things just seem a lot less amazing at home. If that makes sense. Also, I usually go with my boyfriend so that makes it nice. :]


SO. FINALS. Here’s my to-do list:

Monday: (Art History 9:15-10:30), 3-D project installed by 1:00 pm, photos of semester projects uploaded.

Tuesday: Might present in Reading and Writing between 10:45-12, (Work from 6:30-8:30)

Wednesday: Art History final from 9:15-10:30, 30-60 second video for Media 1 at 1:00-6:00.

Thursday: If I didn’t present Tuesday, I’d present today for Reading and Writing between 10:45-12. Color book, process book, group project and presentation from 1:00-6:00

Friday: (MIA library 11:30-4:30)


So uh, yeah. I’m fucked.

On a slightly more positive note, I uploaded my newest video. The question is “what’s your favorite movie?” so I discuss that briefly and then I talk about finals and my color book a little.

Time Management, How I Despise You.

So college. I’m still trying to figure it all out, and how to manage my time while being an adult with responsibilities past doing my homework. I still get financial assistance from my parents and they still ship me stuff, but it’s a lot of change nonetheless. Especially since my parents were pretty catering to me when I was at home.

Anyway. I’ve never had an official job up until this semester…I’ve babysat and done volunteer work, but that’s the extent of it. So pretty much right away I was hired at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Library and at Homework N’ Hoops, a mentoring program for kids in the Minneapolis Public School system. My MIA job is from 11:3–4:30 on Fridays, and my HnH job is both Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:30. At the beginning of the year, and almost all the way up to finals, this was working fine for me. I was busy, but I was managing. But now, I’m just overwhelmed. And at my HnH job, I didn’t feel like I was making a difference in my mentee’s education or in her life…in fact, she seemed to attach more to other mentors than she did to me. Having a job where I only get 4 hours a week at such awkward hours when I have class early the following mornings is just too much for me to handle. I realize that there are people in my class who have way more to deal with and etc etc, and they can work through being sick and stick to their jobs and juggle their time perfectly, but I”m not that person. I don’t want to be doing a job I don’t enjoy, or where I don’t feel helpful. I want to be doing something that I love, something that is worth my while and worth everyone else’s. And even though money is important, school is the priority. Especially since next semester I’ll be taking classes in my major, which means I’m going to really want to focus on them. Having an off-campus job is just too much to deal with, and I can’t really do it. So I have to quit my HnH job for next semester not only because of these reasons, but also because of scheduling conflicts. I’m going to try to pick up more hours at the library because it’s so close and hopefully I can work 10 hours a week and actually get more money. Plus, I feel like I’m really helping there and I absolutely love the job. Even on my worst days, sorting and cataloguing and shelving are really just good ways to fade away from the world. As weird as that sounds. Plus, in terms of my future, having connections at a museum could be potentially very helpful, and hopefully I can do internships there with good recommendations or something.

Ugh, college.

So So Sorry!

Adobe Illustrator logo

Meet my medium. :D

So I don’t really know how many people actually read this blog…but for those of you who do, I’m SO SORRY for not posting in what feels like forever! I had a lot of personal and school-related things going on right before break that I had to deal with, and honestly they left me too exhausted to even think, let alone answer the daily post prompts (because I like trying to answer them with a lot of thought and eloquence). Nevertheless, I’ve missed you guys and being able to give updates and write on things I never would have thought about. I’m going to try to continue with the daily post, but finals are all due by the 15th so I’ll be a little busy, to say the least. But rest assured, I will post at least a little something as often as I can. And then winter break – woo! Then I’ll definitely post as much as possible – at least once a day.

So let’s see, what’s been going on in my life since we last left off?

School – I got a really shitty critique from a teacher about a piece I had worked my ass off finishing. She told me, essentially, that she grades me harder because when I talk in class I understand everything and say the right stuff…and she also gave me a slap on the wrist for not using Adobe Illustrator, since it would have been “so much easier”. Instead I chose to work with a new material and force myself to experiment, but nooo, that apparently was worthy of a grade deduction. But the semester’s almost over, so I’ll be happy about that. Other than dealing with those projects and that mess of whatever, money is still a huge issue. I’m finally getting direct deposits, but my parents are confusing me as to what I’m supposed to do with my paychecks and grocery money etc. So I guess I’ll just wait until I hear from them and continue splitting it up like I have been.

Personal – Welll I’ve worked some things out with my parents and it’s all turned out for the best. They and my boyfriend are on good terms after a little bit of a tense situation, and the outcome is a more comfortable environment and a trip to Kansas City in early January! I’m super excited to have a few days to spend just with my boyfriend and just be ourselves. We see each other for such short amounts of time and so sparingly that I can’t wait until I get this opportunity with him. On another note, I’m also excited about the fact that I now have Sims 3! And like what feels like a million expansion packs…because of Black Friday sale stuff. Woot woo. I love making the characters and building the houses. Playing is more or less the boring part of the game but hey, whatever. It’s still fun and now I can make cats and dogs. Even though 90% it makes the game crash. In other news…I desperately need to do laundry. And clean my dishes. And force a system on myself for all of this so it doesn’t pile up like it has. I’m pretty sure the fly above my head is exited about the crumbs of breakfasts past.

Art: Not much to put here, sadly. I treated myself to a bunch of new technical pens that are just really awesome. I’m excited to start using them to once again ink in my work and make it less smudgy. I might also break down and buy another pencil. But I don’t really have money to do that with now, so that’ll have to wait. But other than that, I’ve been meaning to start a project for myself that would be ongoing for…however long. Basically, I want to closely study and render (but in a more illustrative way as opposed to scientifically accurate way…) animal skeletons, bones, etc. Then I’m going to either finish them off in pen as sketches or put them into Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and mess around with them to hopefully create interesting pieces that I would be happy with and that would maybe inspire a style? I just think that skeletal systems are so gorgeous and fascinatingly complex…but flawless.


Well that’s all I have for today! I’ll try to post again soon. Until then, I hope you haven’t given up on me~

I Got a Freelance Job!

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Wow, I’m so excited! I got a job. They saw me on Freelancer, and then they looked at my Behance portfolios and really liked my work! Super exciting – I don’t get paid very much, but it’s a start! And totally worth it. I’m super excited about all of this – I have 3 days to make it happen (eep!) but I think I can do it. I’m just excited. Yay!